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Jurnal Manajemen Strategi dan Aplikasi Bisnis

Editor-in-chief: Donant A. Iskandar, MBA., M.I.Kom
ISSN online: 2655-237X SK ISSN
3 issues per year (April, Agustus, & Desember)

Jurnal Manajemen Stategi dan Aplikasi Bisnis (JMSAB) addresses the broad area of strategic management and its applications in industry and business. It is particularly receptive to research relevant to the practice of management within the Asian region and its effects beyond. It covers studies on how management work is done (descriptive) and/or should be done (normative) in diverse organizational forms. These include for-profit/non-profit firms, private/public sector institutions and formal/informal social networks.

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Hendryadi is a lecturer, editor, trainer, and writer. He has done research and consulting in a wide range of institutions and individual, with a focus on scale development, organizational behavior, finance, and research methods.