LPMP Imperium

Who We Are

Who We Are

IMPERIUM is the Institute for Management Development and Scientific Publication which was officially established on May 16, 2018 by a group of academics and practitioners in the fields of economics, finance and management. IMPERIUM’s Management and Publication Development Agency (LPMP) is a non-profit, independent, and non-partisan institution whose main source of funding comes from grants and donations from companies, foundations, governments, and individuals.

LPMP IMPERIUM was established based on Notarial Deed: Melanie Audra Nicole Manembu, SH, M.Kn No: 13, Dated 05-25-2018 and has been approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights based on KUMHAM No. AHU-0007643.AH.01.04. 2018 , June 4, 2018.


Become a superior, reliable and trusted institution in the field of management science and scientific publications by balancing reliability, efficiency and public benefit


1. To develop the knowledge in the field of management discipline;
2. To develop the forum for communication and interaction between members of the organization, as well as between organizations and other related organizations;
3. To facilitating synergy between academics and researchers of ministry research institutions, non-ministerial institutions, local governments, universities, private parties, and international institutions;
4. To encourage the growth of research culture and scientific publications of researchers in the field of management;
5. To accumulate, acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in the field of management are collective, collaborative, multi-perspective and synergistic;
6.Knowledge dissemination through publications effectively by balancing reliability, efficiency, and public benefit;
7. To encourage collaboration and provide publications on national and international research results and use of research results as a basis for formulating government and business sector policies


  1. Formation and management of member communication and interaction
  2. Research collaboration and extensive use of research for government and private sectors.
  3. Scientific meetings in the form of seminars, workshops, discussions and other forms of scientific meetings.
  4. Publication and publication of research journals.
  5. Community service.
  6. Administration of the organization’s secretariat.
  7. Founding Board meetings, board meetings, work meetings and other meetings
  8. The main activities are activities that exist within each program in each period of management.
BIMTEK ISO 9001:2015 Grand Tjokro Balikpapan 21 - 24 April 2019
Seminar Nasional FEB-UNAS Universitas Nasional 6 Maret 2019
Workshop Penulisan Artikel Ilmiah FEB Universitas Nasional 20 Desember 2018
Workshop CB SEM & PLS SEM Universitas Esa Unggul 24 - 25 September 2018