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Our Team

Our Team

Board of Trustees

A board of trustees is an appointed or elected group of individuals that has overall responsibility for the management of an organization. The board of trustees is typically the governing body of an organization and seeks to ensure the best interest of stakeholders in all types of management decisions

Board of Advisors

The function of an advisory board is to offer assistance to the organization with anything from marketing to managing human resources to influencing the direction of regulators. Advisory boards are composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. The boards can provide strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess program effectiveness

Dr. Pandoyo
Board of Trustees, Chairman
Dr. Wastam Wahyu Hidayat
Board of Trustees, Member
Dr. Freddy Arifin
Board of Advisors, Chairman
Dr. Lies Putriana
Board of Advisors, Member


The Management Team is a group of individuals, elected to represent the organization. A board’s mandate is to establish policies for organization management and oversight, making decisions, and strategies to achieve the vision and mission of the organization

Dr. Budi Purwanto
Founder - CEO
Hendryadi, MM
Founder - Research Consulting
Donant A. Iskandar, MBA
Founder - Strategic Partnership
Santi Retno Sari, M.Si
Program Director
Rachma Zannati, M.Si
Adm & Finance
Dr. Suryani
Information & Publishing
Vika Nurul Mufidah, M.Si

Senior Researcher Associates
– Dr. Suratna, M.Psi., Psychologist, Jakarta, Indonesia
– Dr. Ikhwan HS., Strategic Management, Gunadarma University, Indonesia
– Dr. Pandoyo, Audit and Finance, STIE PBM Jakarta, Indonesia
– Dr. Wastam Wahyu Hidayat, University of Bhayangkara Jakarta, Indonesia
– Dr. Freddy Arifin, HRM & Quality Management
– Dr. Lies Putriana, HR Management, Pancasila University, Indonesia
– Dr. Suryani, IAIN Lhoksemaue, Islamic Banking, Indonesia
– Dr. Budi Purwanto, Practitioner in the shipping business and logistics, Indonesia

– Hendryadi., Research Methods, and Quantitative Data Analysis
– Santi Retno Sari., HR Management
– Rachma Zannati., Accounting, and Financial Research
– Donant A. Iskandar., Business Strategy and Communication






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Seminar Nasional FEB-UNAS Universitas Nasional 6 Maret 2019
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